VOC online monitoring

User:JXCTUpload time:Mar 02 2021

The flue VOCs online monitoring system realizes online continuous monitoring of volatile organic compounds in the flue. It uses PID sensors and low-power processors, and uses LCD touch screen display. The measurement data is stable, and the measured temperature and humidity are displayed in real time. The VOCs online monitoring equipment is suitable for high temperatures. , High dust, high oil and gas, rapid dewatering and other occasions, can realize online long-term monitoring of atmospheric pollutants such as alkanes, esters, alcohols, benzene series, etc.


(1) Over limit sound light alarm
When the gas measured by the sensor is more than the set gas value,
The sensor turns on the sound light alarm function.
(2) Equipped with air cooled condenser
The air-cooled condenser can reduce the temperature of the gas to be measured, so that the components are stable
Longer service life.
(3) Pretreatment of gas to be measured
The equipment is equipped with air-cooled condenser and air filter, which can cool the gas and filter large particles. Volatile organic compounds can pass through, which can improve the life of the probe and make the detection results more accurate.
(4) Equipped with glass rotameter
0.5-5l/min measuring range, equipped with 7-inch waterproof touch color large screen, screen waterproof design, high measurement accuracy, up to 1mg / m3, automatic calibration, pump suction sampling.
(5) 7 "waterproof touch color large screen, waterproof and moisture proof