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Gas Detector/Sensor

Portable Gas Detector

Portable gas detector, portable multi-parameter gas det…

Fixed Gas Detector

Fixed gas detector, monitor various combustible, toxic …

Gas Sensor Module

A gas sensor module manufacturer that produces various …

Air Quality Detector

The air quality detector monitors parameters such as PM…

Gas Detection and Alarm Systems

Gas leak detector, gas alarm, support monitoring of var…

Air Quality Detector

Air Quality Monitoring System-SO2,NO2,CO,O3 ,pm2.5,pm10

Air quality monitoring station, grid air environment monitoring system, micro air monitoring stati……

VOC Gas Monitoring-Industrial VOC Analysis and Monitoring

The volatile organic compound online monitoring system (VOC online monitoring) can be used to moni……

NOx monitor-NOx monitoring system-NOx analysis and detection

The nitrogen oxide monitor adopts the pump suction sampling mode, which can directly extract air f……

Fixed Gas Detector

Formaldehyde gas tester-CH2O gas detector-fixed

Fixed CH2O gas detector, stable performance, sensitive and reliable. The Formaldehyde gas detector……

PH3 gas detector-PH3 gas monitor-fixed

The PH3 gas detector can be widely used in chemical plants, gas stations, farms, spray painting ro……

Cl2 gas detection-fixed chlorine leak gas detector-Cl2 sensor

Fixed Cl2 gas detector, stable performance, sensitive and reliable. With high-precision liquid cry……

Gas Detection and Alarm Systems

Scenes To Be Used

Industrial production

Metallurgical Power

Environmental protection


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VOC online monitoring

The flue VOCs online monitoring system realizes online continuous monitoring of volatile organic c……

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Atmospheric environment monitoring

Through intelligent and automatic monitoring equipment (PM2.5 sensor, VOCs sensor, sulfur dioxide ……

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air quality monitoring system

The air quality monitoring equipment is connected to the air cleaning equipment through the intell……

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VOC Monitoring system equipment

In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to air pollution, such as natural environme……