How can carbon dioxide CO2 detector help crops increase their yields

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As we know, water, light and carbon dioxide are all essential factors for plant growth. Among these three elements, water and sunlight are visible to the naked eye. while carbon dioxide is invisible and often ignored by people. Carbon dioxide is one of the raw materials for photosynthesis of plants. So, CO2 detector is very important to the green house and other kind of plant. The concentration of carbon dioxide directly affects the growth quality of crops. Vegetables with insufficient carbon dioxide content have dark and dull leaves, poor plant growth. low yield and fewer high-quality fruits.The high concentration of carbon dioxide often causes the leaf curl of vegetable crops. Affects the normal progress of photosynthesis. Will affect the absorption of oxygen by crops, and can not carry out normal respiration and metabolism.

Benifits of carbon dioxide monitoring

In the greenhouse, through the carbon dioxide gas detector to collect carbon dioxide concentration, through the control system to timely supplement and discharge carbon dioxide, so that crops reach the most appropriate concentration value.The sensor has the characteristics of wide measuring range; good linear shape, easy to use, easy to install, long transmission distance and so on. It is widely used in agricultural greenhouses. Flower cultivation and other occasions requiring carbon dioxide and temperature and humidity monitoring.Suitable co2 concentration can promote

CO2 detector
CO2 detector

hotosynthesis, but too high (more than 0.5%-0.6% co2 volume fraction in the air) will reduce photosynthesis efficiency.In addition. carbon dioxide is heavier than air. And it is easy to accumulate near the ground after a large amount of use. Over a long period of time. the oxygen content in the soil layer will be reduced. Leading to the weakening of root respiration. thus affecting the growth and development of roots.So in the greenhouse installed carbon dioxide sensor. It can ensure that in the case of carbon dioxide concentration is too high or too low timely alarm.

Characteristics of CO2 detector:

1, wall-mounted waterproof shell. high protection grade, can adapt to all kinds of harsh conditions. in dust, rain and snow and other harsh environment, the equipment can work normally and stably.

2, CO2 sensor equipment adopts polymer waterproof material, can not only filter out the moisture in the environment. But also ensure the normal flow of gas, further ensure the accuracy of equipment measurement.

3, carbon dioxide detector comes with temperature compensation, small temperature influence.

4, carbon dioxide sensor through RS485, analog signal output.