About Jingxun The company has more than 100 patents, more than 300 Internet of Things products, and a complete design, R&D, and construction team.
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About Us
Jingxun Changtong owns a technology research and development center (Jinan) with a total of more than 360 employees and covers an area of 3,000 square kilometers. It is a fast-growing industrial Internet of Things enterprise integrating R&D, production and marketing. It is mainly engaged in water environment monitoring. , Atmospheric environment monitoring, smart city and industrial process monitoring required sensor products and transmission equipment, while providing an integrated Internet of Things solutions with a universal SaaS cloud platform-Jingxun Cloud as the core.
400+ Full-time Employees
14000+ Joint Venture
19 types Solution
320+ Product Category
8 types Communication Method
300+ Customer Project Case
Our Service
Complete Qualifications The qualifications and certificates are complete to effectively improve the bid winning rate. Professional project managers provide one-to-one full-process tracking and bidding documents to facilitate project implementation; high-tech enterprises, provincial-level "specialized, special-new" enterprises, and bidding are more secure.
R & D Production A research and development team of 100 people, specializing in water quality Internet of Things technology research and development, system integration and project construction research and development and production of more than 300 kinds of products, applied for more than 130 patents and software works.
Technical Support It includes dozens of gas monitoring equipment such as portable gas detectors, hand-held gas detectors, fixed gas detectors, etc., covering all aspects of gas monitoring and processing, and acting as a gas monitoring leader.
Reasons to Choose Us
Complete Solution
One-stop solution to demand, to provide users with a complete one-stop solution service. Dedicated special services, from pre-sales to after-sales to provide complete process services.
After-sale Warranty
For project implementation users, provide component use and function secondary development training, complete after-sales service system, and protect user rights and interests.
Jingxun Changtong has excellent qualifications, 100+ patents and software copyrights, to create an excellent industrial Internet of Things industry.
Cloud Service
Provides Jingxun cloud services, users can view data remotely in real time, providing users with efficient and reliable data access, data storage, data management, data fusion and other services.
Business Advantage
Strong R&D Resources Attaches great importance to product independent property rights, establishes a research and development center in Jinan, attracts high-level talents in North China and central China, with a proportion of up to 40% of R&D personnel, and puts 300 products into the market through research and development, has close-knowing patents and software copyrights, and supports specific project solutions And product customization.
Quality Inspection Develop standardization steps. In addition to regular equipment testing and calibration, three manual testing steps are added to ensure the high-quality production of each product, and each product sold is equipped with a production inspection report.
Partner Has served 14,000+ companies, including: TCL, Siemens, BenQ, Honeywell, Beijing Construction Engineering, Beijing Urban Construction, Changfeng Pharmaceutical, Tuopu Pharmaceutical, Beijing Forestry University, Anhui Agricultural University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Yingtai Electric and other universities and enterprises.
Certificate Patent Products have obtained CE certificate, ROHS and FCC certification, explosion-proof certificate inspection, environmental management certification, gas calibration inspection, precision measurement calibration inspection and other certifications (various inspection reports) with hundreds of patents.
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