Combustible gas sensor module-CH4,H2,CO,H2SCombustible gas sensor module, strong anti-interference ability, high sensitivi…learn more>
NOx monitor-NOx monitoring system-NOx analysis and detectionThe nitrogen oxide monitor adopts the pump suction sampling mode, which can dir…learn more>
Multi gas detector – O2,flammable gas,Toxic gasThe multi gas detector supports the detection of combustible gases, toxic and h…learn more>
VOC online monitoring Monitoring-Industrial VOC Analysis and MonitoringThe volatile organic compound online monitoring system (VOC online monitoring) …learn more>
Combustible gas detection-fixed gas detectorThe Combustible gas detector is used in various gas leakage places, such as: ci…learn more>
Sulfur Dioxide Gas Sensors – SO2 Gas DetectionThe SO2 Gas detector is used in various gas leakage places, such as: city gas, …learn more>
Fixed Gas Detection – Methane Gas Detectors, CH4 Gas DetectorCH4 Gas Detector is used in various gas leakage places, such as: city gas, petr…learn more>
Multi gas detector-4 in 1 gas detector-portableThe 4 in 1 gas detector can detect combustible gases, O2, CO, H2S and other gas…learn more>
Flammable Gas Detector-Refrigerant (Freon) Leak DetectorCombustible gas / Freon leak detector detects combustible gas by natural diffus…learn more>
PID sensor-PID Photoionization Detectors-VOC sensorPID optical ion probe is widely used in VOC detection in factories, mining area…learn more>
Multi gas sensor module-Support customizationThe gas sensor module is widely used in the production and installation of port…learn more>
Gas alarm control system & Gas detection systemThe main equipment of gas alarm control system includes gas alarm controller an…learn more>
Indoor air quality sensor-Air Quality MonitorThe indoor air quality sensor can measure indoor PM2.5, formaldehyde, temperatu…learn more>
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Mems Gas Sensor-H2S H2 CO2 NH3 Gas Sensor Module Product Introduction Mems sensors use THE MEMS process to fabricate microhot plates on an integrated substrate using metal oxide semiconductor materials with low conductivity in clean air as gas sensitive materials. When there is dete…… learn more>
Ammonia electrochemical gas sensor – NH3 gas module Description: Ammonia sensor module is an electrochemical ammonia sensor module independently developed by JXCT, which is mainly used to detect the concentration of ammonia gas. It adopts three-electrode structure design and uses elec…… learn more>
Portable H2S Gas Detector-Hydrogen Sulfide Meter Portable H2S detector, Hydrogen Sulfide detector, are used in gas storage leak… learn more>
NOx(NO/NO2) Sensor-Nitric Oxide Detector&Monitor Portable NOx sensors, NO/NO2 detector, are used in gas storage leakage monitor… learn more>
Indoor CO detector alarm The CO alarm adopts imported first-line major brand chemical sensors, which hav… learn more>
CH2O (Formaldehyde) gas sensor-CH2O sensor module-CH2O detector The CH2O gas sensor module, strong anti-interference ability, high sensitivity,… learn more>
Formaldehyde gas tester-CH2O gas detector-fixed The Formaldehyde gas detector has the characteristics of flexible use and simpl… learn more>
PH3 gas detector-PH3 gas monitor-fixed PH3 gas detector is used in various gas leakage places, such as: city gas, petr… learn more>
PH3 gas detector-Phosphine gas detector-portable The PH3 gas detector, the body adopts ABS shell, it feels comfortable, light an… learn more>