Atmospheric environment monitoring

User:JXCTUpload time:Mar 02 2021

Through intelligent and automatic monitoring equipment (PM2.5 sensor, VOCs sensor, sulfur dioxide sensor, ammonia sensor and carbon monoxide sensor), the urban atmospheric environment monitoring solution can collect the ambient air quality data and pollution emission data in real time, and realize the monitoring of the concentration parameters of inhalable particles and other toxic and harmful gases. Through the big data platform for comprehensive monitoring, the management department can view the atmospheric environment data of the monitoring station at any time, and timely grasp the information such as abnormal data, index exceeding standard and fault alarm, so as to realize all-weather and regional air pollution monitoring.


(1) Real-time data monitoring
Real-time monitoring of the concentration values of SO2, NO2, CO, O3, PM2.5, PM10, etc. in the atmosphere, the monitoring parameters can be adjusted as needed, and the data can be viewed remotely by mobile apps, computers, and small programs;
(2)Data exceeding alarm
When the detection parameter concentration exceeds the standard, the data is abnormal, or the equipment fails, the equipment will automatically alarm and give a reminder;
(3) A variety of output methods are available
4G/3G/NB-loT/LoRa and other communication methods are optional, support RS485, Ethernet wired communication equipment;
(4) Freely collocation and customized platform functions
The flat pan/tilt has modular functions, and can be freely matched with customized functions according to user needs, and can analyze and visually display data.