Precautions for radon gas detector

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 30 2021

Gas detectors can be divided into two types: fixed and portable according to occasions and mobility. How to choose radon gas detector?

In terms of use, portable gas detectors are used in inspections. It is used to detect the gas concentration of possible escape points in the factory or for emergency response. It is characterized by lightness and measurement data can be obtained in a short time.

The stationary gas detectors are mostly used for long term monitoring in factories. Such as explosion proof areas, characterized by long term monitoring. Can save human resources.

The following factors should be considered when choosing a gas detector:
1、Understand your needs

When choosing a gas detector, we must first determine what gas to detect? In what environment is it used? Portable or stationary? And other ancillary functions. These must usually be considered, otherwise it will appear that I originally intended to buy an oxygen detector and bought an ozone detector. Cause unnecessary economic losses.

2、Understand the working conditions of the use environment

All types of gas detectors have strict requirements on the on-site environment. For example, temperature, humidity, pressure, dust, flow, H2, silicon and so on. When selecting a gas sensor, you should know as much as possible about the interference of other gases and environmental factors to the sensor's detection. Avoid these factors to ensure its accurate detection of specific gases.

3、Understand the safety situation on site

In most cases, the site where the detector is installed and used has mandatory requirements such as explosion-proof. For example, chemical industries such as coal and petroleum have very strict requirements for explosion protection. It is required that the instrument itself is explosion-proof and has explosion proof certification. Other working conditions may also require gas detectors to have certificates such as environmental protection certification or measurement instrument permits.

4、Understand the functional requirements used

The general function of a gas detector is to detect gas concentration. Exceeding standard alarm and so on.