Jingxun Unblocked Electrochemical Chlorine Gas Sensor

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Is chlorine poisonous?

Chlorine is a yellow-green, peculiar smell and strong irritant gas under normal temperature and pressure. Chlorine is easily soluble in water, lye, and also in organic solvents such as carbon disulfide and carbon tetrachloride. At low temperatures, chlorine is not active, but if traces of water are present, its reactivity will increase significantly.. And hydrochloric acid and hypochlorous acid can be quickly formed; the latter is a strong oxidant and bleaching agent, which can be decomposed into hydrogen chloride and new ecological chlorine . Under high heat conditions, chlorine can still react with carbon monoxide to generate phosgene. Chlorine invades the human body mainly from the respiratory tract.

Chlorine is a common industrial raw material, but it is toxic. Chlorine poisoning means ... that inhalation of a relatively large amount of chlorine in a short period of time during work will cause systemic diseases...... Mainly acute respiratory damage.......Its main manifestations are cough, headache, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, abdominal distension.....dyspnea, chest tightness and other symptoms. So you need a harmful gas detector---noxious gas detector

Harmful Gas Detector-Electrochemical Chlorine Gas Sensor
Jingxuntong's gas sensor modules are widely suitable for various manufacturers such as industrial, agricultural, underground and environmental gas detection. With the characteristics of long life, high accuracy, high resolution, etc... It can better meet the needs of different environments and different scenarios

Harmful gas detector--chlorine gas detection module--noxious gas detector

The chlorine gas detection module has a built-in high-precision electrochemical sensor... and the gas concentration signal is output as a digital signal required by the customer through a patented circuit. It has the characteristics of small size, easy installation, intrinsically safe design, high sensitivity, and factory calibration.--noxious gas detector


The Cl2 gas sensor module, strong anti-interference ability, high sensitivity, high resolution, small size, easy to install...... No secondary calibration, support secondary development.