Introduction of radon gas tester

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Radon gas tester is mainly an instrument for detecting gas leakage in industrial sites to prevent personnel poisoning or property damage.

Gas detectors are divided into two types, poThere are two types of gas detectors, portable gas detectors and fixed gas detectors. The gas detectors used in different workplaces are different. Portable gas detectors are also relatively common during operation.


small size, easy to carry, good quality and low price portable gas detectors are usually small in size. So it is very convenient to carry, and it can be turned on and used at any time. In addition, high-quality portable gas detectors mainly use high-performance sensors. High sensitivity is its most significant feature. This portable gas detector can intuitively display the gas concentration in the field. And the standby time is longer than other products of the same type.


boot detection. No need to set parameters. The parameters and values of the portable gas detector have been set before the factory leaves the factory. Customers only need to start the test. Give us the same size as our current smart phone, and it will be tested at the required testing place when it is turned on.


strong adaptability. Wide application range The portable gas detector can also be used in places where people cannot get in or can't get there. Equipped with an external pump, so as to avoid the danger of letting the staff go to the test first. The design of using an external pump to extend the tube. It can be used in places where toxic gas leaks, such as refrigerating rooms, refrigeration workshops, tunnels, etc. In addition, the portable gas detector also adopts a waterproof, dust-proof and explosion-proof design. And with a replaceable in-line gas sensor module. It has become an ideal tool for safety inspection on the job site today.


Simple calibration steps General professional portable gas detectors have the characteristics of simple calibration steps. During the detection process, the technician only needs to use the magnetic programming tool to start the calibration procedure. When the gas is supplied, the detector will automatically start calibration. If the signal has started to be in a relatively stable state. Then the combustible gas detector will record the initial data and prompt the technician to disconnect the gas source.

In summary. The key factor that people choose to use a portable gas detector is that it has simple calibration steps. It has the advantages of small size, convenient carrying, strong adaptability and wide application range. In addition, the types of dangerous gases encountered in different operations are also different. In order to ensure a good detection effect and protect one's own safety. The suitable portable gas should be selected in a targeted manner.