VOC online monitoring system develops atmospheric monitoring equipment market

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Since the reform and opening up, my country's urbanization has developed rapidly. This has led to an increasingly serious problem of urban air pollution. Protecting and improving the air quality of the atmosphere is of great significance for promoting social and economic development and protecting the human health of urban residents. At present, my country's air pollution prevention and control work has begun to incorporate science and technology. The prevention and control of the atmospheric environment depends on the monitoring of the atmospheric environment. Atmospheric monitoring can be divided into air pollution source monitoring and air environmental quality monitoring. The VOCs online monitoring system is a set of atmospheric monitoring equipment suitable for air quality testing.

The role of atmospheric monitoring equipment:

The concentration and hazards of pollutants in the atmosphere will change with time or space. Therefore, to carry out air pollution prevention and control work, we must first do a good job in monitoring the air quality of the atmosphere. The VOCs online monitoring system can effectively monitor the pollutants in the atmosphere. Monitor the emission and control of air pollution sources, grasp the law of their distribution and diffusion, can continuously monitor the concentration and distribution of air pollutants, and study the current situation and changing laws of air pollution.

The detection data of the VOCs online monitoring system can provide environmental protection departments with monitoring regional air quality status, as well as monitoring corporate pollution emissions data, and at the same time can be used as evidence for environmental disputes. At present, VOCs online detection system is widely used in factories, coal mines, chemical plants, construction sites, printing industrial parks and other environments to detect the concentration of VOCS.

VOCs online monitoring system parameters:

Measuring range 1-200mg/m3

Measurement method PID detection

Accuracy ≤15%

Resolution 1mg/m3

Response time ≤30S

Warranty period: One year for the whole machine Power supply 220V AC

Power consumption <100W

Operating temperature -10 to 55°C

Working humidity environment 0 to 93%RH (relative humidity), non-condensing

Dimensions 538X 205 X 381mm

Air flow meter range 0.5-5L/min

Flowmeter pump range 0-3L/min

Atmospheric monitoring equipment
Atmospheric monitoring equipment