Talking about the function of hydrogen sensor

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Hydrogen sensor-According to our understanding, we all know that hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, flammable and explosive gas, which is difficult to detect in time by human eyes and nose. In some places prone to hydrogen leakage. If the leakage is not detected in time, when the hydrogen reaches a certain concentration in the air, it will explode when it encounters a fire source. Which will seriously threaten the lives and property of the surrounding people.

Hydrogen sensor has high sensitivity and selectivity to hydrogen. In industrial production, it is often used in the environment to monitor the concentration of hydrogen floating in the air in real time. It can prevent excessive hydrogen concentration and achieve early warning. Is a commonly used important gas monitoring equipment.

This has a very effective and positive effect on the safety of people's lives and properties. In recent years, due to the frequent occurrence of industrialization and other gas accidents. The government and relevant departments have also paid special attention to gas monitoring.

Therefore, the selection of the most suitable gas sensor for gas monitoring at all times is not only a high priority for national policies. But also for millions of people. A family is responsible.

Hydrogen sensor

Jingxun's unobstructed GPRS hydrogen sensor, high-density housing, high-quality probe, two styles (basic version, high-profile version) are optional, built-in hardcover probe, accurate measurement, and can be used with Jingxun cloud platform to view monitoring data anytime, anywhere. Can be used in industrial plants. Traffic tunnels, energy and electricity, petroleum and petrochemical, greenhouses, fruit tree gardens and other fields.

The hydrogen alarm has a large high-definition screen with a resolution of 320*240, a full mirror display. A clear high-definition interface, a metal integrated body, and an outstanding overall design. Support sound and light response settings, support two-way relay control, can be linked to exhaust, power off and other behaviors.

The hydrogen alarm adopts newly advanced precision components, which has strong stability, guaranteed quality and durability.