The role of co2 alarm sensor

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What is the role of co2 alarm in our industry, agriculture and animal husbandry? Let's take a look together.

Cultivating greenhouse use:

Carbon dioxide is one of the resources of green plants for photosynthesis. 95% of the dry weight of crops comes from photosynthesis. Therefore, carbon dioxide has become an important factor affecting crop yields. Plastic greenhouse cultivation keeps crops in a relatively closed place for a long time. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse varies greatly throughout the day. The carbon dioxide concentration required for vegetables is generally 1000 to 1500 ppm. Therefore, the degree of carbon dioxide deficit in plastic greenhouses is moderately serious, and it has become an important factor affecting vegetable production in plastic greenhouses. The plastic greenhouse carbon dioxide alarm equipment can ensure that the carbon dioxide monitor alarms in time when the concentration of the carbon dioxide monitor is insufficient. Then use gas fertilizer. Ensure vegetables and edible fungi. Flowers, Chinese medicine, etc. are marketed in the morning, with high quality and high yield.

Large scale livestock farms:

Large farms use enclosed or semi-enclosed fences for breeding. Due to the large number and density of breeding livestock and poultry. These animals exhale large amounts of carbon dioxide. Assuming that the confined space is not ventilated for a long time, too high a concentration of nitrogen dioxide will cause animal hypoxia. Poor air circulation can also easily lead to an epidemic. For example, poor ventilation in a pig house can lead to a decrease in immunity. A series of problems such as the decline of feed conversion rate and the prevalence of respiratory diseases have appeared. By installing a co2 alarm on the farm, the above data can be monitored at any time. At the same time monitor the temperature and ventilation rate of the pig house at any time.

To be a manufacturer of energy saving and environmentally friendly products:

Take a manufacturer of energy-saving doors and windows as an example. Now there are many energy-saving doors and windows that can ventilate without opening the windows. The manufacturer in order to prove the energy-saving and ventilation of the product. After they finished installing energy saving doors and windows, they gave customers a co2 alarm. So that customers can measure indoor carbon dioxide concentration at any time. This machine can also monitor the indoor temperature and ventilation rate together. With these data that can be monitored scientifically at any time. These customers feel that they will be more at ease after using energy-saving doors and windows.

Safe production underground:

Many toxic gases and carbon dioxide are generated during downhole operations. During this period, the concentration of carbon dioxide was too high, resulting in severe hypoxia in the well, resulting in the inability to breathe and work normally. Placing a carbon dioxide monitor in the working environment of the well can monitor whether the concentration of carbon dioxide is within the range of normal operation at any time. At the same time, it can monitor the temperature in the well, so as to avoid some accidents and do related protection operations.

Uses of co2 alarm:

The co2 alarm can be widely used in agriculture, aquaculture, and industry. Such as: cultivating greenhouses, animal husbandry farms. Beer, carbonated drinks. The production process of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products and the safe production of underground operations. In our daily life environment such as: kindergarten, school. Office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, stations. Hospitals and other public places. Monitoring the concentration of carbon dioxide can improve the quality of the air. Then trek to study and work power. Prevent the prevalence of prevalence and ensure public health and safety.