The hazards of carbon monoxide

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Normally, carbon monoxide is a gas that is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and hardly soluble in water. At room temperature, carbon monoxide does not react with acids and alkalis.but can form explosive mixtures when mixed with air. It is flammable and explosive gas which will cause combustion and explosion in case of open flame and high temperature. Carbon monoxide is an atmospheric pollutant. It is the most abundant and widely distributed in the atmosphere. It is the product of incomplete combustion of carbonaceous materials such as coal and petroleum. The high content of carbon monoxide in the air will not only make the air quality worse.but also affect it. Human health can cause acute and chronic poisoning and even death. The carbon monoxide meter is widely used in household carbon monoxide alarms and household gas water heaters to detect the concentration of carbon monoxide in real time .and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

At present, the mems gas sensor market continues to flourish, and more application requirements are born. The carbon monoxide meter is an earlier type of gas sensor. Because it is used in flammable and explosive gases, the hemoglobin will lose its oxygen-carrying ability and cause suffocation.. Which can lead to death if the human body inhales excessive carbon monoxide. Therefore, experts have never stopped the research of carbon monoxide meter....... Which has derived a variety of principles of carbon monoxide meter.

Gas hazards: Carbon monoxide will endanger our human health. If carbon monoxide poisoning is severe, it will lead to death. Therefore, we remind everyone to use gas safely............And comrades who work in factories should also pay attention to the concentration of carbon monoxide!

Carbon monoxide meter

The RS485 large-screen carbon monoxide mems gas sensor is convenient for real-time display and reading of data. All data is clear at a glance. It has the characteristics of accurate measurement, strong stability, and simple operation. It is widely used in factory warehouses, pollution emissions, chemical plants, fuel plants, etc.