Use professional atmospheric environment monitoring equipment to monitor

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In the past ten years, the atmospheric environment is actually in a state of gradual improvement. Part of the reason is that the monitoring of the atmospheric environment and the rapid advancement of greening projects are also inextricably linked. At the same time. For The gradual increase in requirements for the purification and treatment of sewage and waste gas generated in the industrial production process has also accelerated this trend.
Many factories will install a certain number of environmentally friendly waste gas detection equipment. Industrial waste gas composition detection equipment and industrial waste gas online monitoring equipment under the requirements of the policy.

These equipment can not only monitor the gas composition of the waste gas emitted by the factory in real time, but also can monitor the gas composition. The data is uploaded to the atmospheric environment monitoring platform of the relevant department. So that the management department can monitor the exhaust gas from the factory at any time. If the exhaust gas does not meet the standards required by the policy. The relevant department will keep the file in time and send it to the monitoring factory as soon as possible. Issue a treatment order. Urging the factory to do a good job in industrial waste gas treatment as soon as possible.

The important role of atmospheric environment monitoring equipment

The detection accuracy of good atmospheric environment monitoring equipment is relatively high. And it can accurately determine the harmful components such as sulfur dioxide. Nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, ozone, carbon monoxide, and methane in factory exhaust gas. Sulfur dioxide is the main cause of acid rain.

And acid rain can cause great damage to metal equipment and buildings. Controlling the way that sulfur dioxide enters the atmosphere through industrial waste gas can reduce the scrap frequency of metal equipment and building facilities to a certain extent, thereby saving a lot of money. Resources, saved resources, are very beneficial to environmental protection. Which enables society to invest useful resources in more useful areas and contributes to the development of society.

Atmospheric environment monitoring
Atmospheric environment monitoring