Sensor for detecting PM2.5 of dust particles in the air

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 18 2021

PM2.5 detection background

The detection of PM2.5 is very important. PM is the abbreviation of particulate matter, PM2.5 is also known as fine particles and fine particulate matter. It can be suspended in the air, and the higher the concentration, the worse the air quality. The impact of PM2.5 on the human body in harm is very large. When the human body breathes, most of the particles with a diameter of more than 10μm are deposited in the nasopharynx by impact, while dust below 10μm can enter the deep part of the respiratory tract.

The dust deposited in the alveoli is mostly fine particles (PM2.5) below 2.5μm. PM2.5 fine particles are small in diameter, suspended in the atmosphere for a long time, spread and spread far. And usually contain toxic and harmful substances, so they have a greater impact on human health. PM2.5 can enter the lungs and blood. If it contains germs, it will be more harmful to the human body. Including our respiratory system, cardiovascular system, and even the reproductive system.

Particulate matter PM2.5 detection sensor

Jingxuntong's particle sensor is a sensor that uses the principle of scattering to detect dust particles in the air. It has small size, high detection accuracy, good repeatability, good consistency, and real-time response. The particle sensor has the advantages of continuous collection, strong anti-interference ability. Ultra-quiet fan, and 100% detection and calibration of the sensor when it leaves the factory. The particulate matter sensor supports PM2.5/10, all-in-one detection of temperature and humidity. Particulate matter sensor is a kind of air quality monitoring sensor. Which can effectively monitor the concentration of particulate matter such as PM2.5/PM10. It can be used for PM2.5 detection in industrial plants/traffic tunnels/car exhaust/haze monitoring and other industrial and agricultural environments (pollution emission monitoring, atmospheric environment).

So the detection of PM2.5 is very important.