What are the main uses of NO2 electrochemical sensors?

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NO2 electrochemical sensor-Nitrogen dioxide leakage will cause great environmental pollution to the natural environment and threaten the personal safety of actual operators. Therefore, NO2 electrochemical sensors must be used. With the development trend of my country's electronic component technology and the rapid development of well-known Chinese companies. Gas sensors have been widely used in various fields. So which fields are NO2 electrochemical sensors used in?Applied in chemical manufacturing industry

In the chemical manufacturing industry, nitrogen dioxide can be used as a refrigerant for refrigeration units and a raw material for manufacturing fertilizers. Due to long-term disrepair and lack of innovative management. It is inevitable that nitrogen dioxide will leak. According to incomplete statistical analysis. The annual leakage of nitrogen dioxide amounts to 2.1 to 8.1 tons. Nitrogen dioxide leakage will cause greater environmental pollution to the natural environment and threaten the personal safety of actual operators. Therefore, it is necessary to use a NO2 electrochemical sensor to check the nitrogen dioxide content in the environment and control it within a certain range.

Applied to smart public toilets

With the development of the Internet and the upgrading of technology, smart public toilets have gradually entered everyone's field of vision. As we all know, nitrogen dioxide and hydrogen chloride are the two key vapors that cause toilet odor. The concentration of these two vapors directly determines the feeling of toilet odor. At this time, the intervention of the nitrogen dioxide sensor can monitor the concentration of nitrogen dioxide in the bathroom in real time, so that the bathroom can be cleaned immediately and reasonably, bringing a comfortable feeling.

Applied in the automobile manufacturing industry

With the continuous development of society, more and more vehicles are driving on the road, which brings convenience to everyone, and at the same time, exhaust emissions also need to arouse everyone's attention. Especially the environmental pollution caused by hydrocarbons cannot be ignored. For the solution of exhaust gas emissions. Ammonia is generally used as the oxidant and carbon dioxide as the reducing agent. Which reacts with hydrocarbons and is converted into N2 and water, reducing the pollution of the natural environment caused by the exhaust gas. Among them, the addition of ammonia and oxygen should be moderate. Otherwise it will cause additional environmental pollution. So NO2 electrochemical sensors must be used.

Applied in the breeding industry

Nitrogen dioxide is one of the harmful substances in farms. It is often absorbed or melted by the mucous membranes. Damp walls and roads of livestock, which obviously stimulates and corrodes the skin tissues and destroys the cytoplasmic structure. If it grows and develops in the natural environment with high concentration of nitrogen dioxide. The body of small animals will be immediately irritated. Causing burning and atrophy of skin tissue, and even numbness of the central nervous system, leading to toxic side effects such as liver disease and myocardial damage. High concentrations of nitrogen dioxide will continue to harm workers, indicating that the detection of nitrogen dioxide concentration is very important for agriculture and animal husbandry.