Popularization of combustible gas sensor knowledge

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Explosion-proof combustible gas sensor-Common combustible gases: There are many combustible gases, such as hydrogen (H 2), carbon monoxide (CO), methane (CH 4), ethane (C 2H 6), propane (C 3H 8), butane (C 4H 10), ethylene (C 2H 4), propylene (C 3H 6), butene (C 4H 8), acetylene (C 2H 2), propyne (C 3H 4), butyne (C 4H 6), hydrogen sulfide (H 2S) , Phosphine (PH 3), etc. Flammable gases are widely used in our production and life, and the accidents caused by the leakage of flammable gases are also huge. In this regard, we must use a combustible gas detector to detect and warn the areas where combustible gas leaks may accumulate, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of disasters.

The explosion-proof combustible gas sensor uses a high-definition LCD color screen display, which can be customized according to needs. It adopts an automotive instrument-level UI design and has an ultra-clear industrial-level interface experience. The 320*240 resolution display is more intuitive and clear, and the data is clear at a glance. Use cast aluminum wall-mounted enclosure. It can be adapted to various harsh environments. The probe with high sensitivity makes the measurement more accurate and reliable.

Combustible gas sensor:

The combustible gas sensor adopts automotive instrument-level UI design, industrial-grade high-definition interface. Supports four gas display on the same screen, high-sensitivity probe, cast aluminum wall-mounted shell, support customization, combustible gas detector with explosion-proof (Exd II CT6), waterproof (IP65), anti-condensation characteristics.

Features:Die-cast aluminum shell, high explosion-proof grade: The shell is Exd II CT6 explosion-proof. Which protects the internal components from infringement;

Meticulous workmanship, waterproof and dustproof: double waterproof treatment for shell seam & wire interface; waterproof grade can reach IP65;

Acousto-optic response, dual protection: the responder can generate nearly 80dB eight alarm sounds, supplemented by red light prompts. Which are strong warnings and ensure production safety;

Probe protection, meticulous and thoughtful: The stainless steel mesh protects the probe part which does not affect the gas in and out but also protects the probe well.