The gas detector leak? Don’t worry, there are many ways to help you check

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 10 2021

Gas detector leak have a great impact on our environment, industrial production and life. How can we prevent it from leaking?

1.Vacuum method

Vacuum method refers to evacuating the inspection container. Then apply water, alcohol, acetone and other liquids to the detection area. If the solution touches the leak hole, cover the hole. There will be a flow and a leak will be found.

2.Soap liquid method

The soap liquid method is a very common method. Spread soap solution on the surface of the test object, and then pressurize the test object. If there is a leak, bubbles will be generated. Both the location of the leak can be found and the amount of the leak can be roughly judged.

The feature of this detection method is that there is no need to stop the operation of the device when performing a leak test. Or disconnect the subject to be tested, and work can be done at any time.

3.Rubber film method

The rubber film method refers to attaching rubber film and plastic film tape to the leak. A funnel is attached to the top, and a thin rubber or film is pasted on the funnel. If there is a leak, the balloon will bulge.

This method is used for all gas pipelines used in large factories. Observed with the naked eye, no matter who observes the result is the same, there is no human error.

4.Water pressure

When testing a pressure vessel, fill the vessel or equipment with water, and then pour water into it with a hydraulic pump.

Since the water is pressurized, the expansion of the water is small, and the pressurization and pressure release are fast, so even if the container is damaged, the bolt of the connection part is broken, the gasket is flying off and other accidents, it will not cause too much danger.

5.Gas detection method

The gas detection method refers to pressurizing the container under test with a gas other than air, and placing a barrel that reacts with the gas on the outside of the container. If there is a leak, the gas will go outside to react with the substance in the barrel, and then the reaction substance will be detected by the detector. Such as the use of test paper to measure ammonia leakage, this method is used. The detection method is very simple and is used in many factories, but the accuracy of the instrument should be paid attention to.

6.Voice method

Sound method makes a sound when gas leaks from a small hole. The size and frequency of the sound depends on the location of the leak, the size of the leak, the pressure difference between the two sides, and the type of gas.

This method is very primitive, unlike other methods, it can clearly indicate the sensitivity of the detection. The sensitivity of this method will be affected by the environment and equipment, but it is simpler and more economical.