What can smart air quality detector do?

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Background overview

In recent years, air quality problems have become a major problem that plagues us. With the development of science and technology in our country. The economic level and urbanization level are constantly improving. But our air quality is also declining, and smog is seriously damaging. Our health. The destruction of air quality not only endangers our health, but also has great harm to crops. People are paying more and more attention to indoor air quality, and some brand-new terms have also been born. For example, air sensors, air quality sensors, etc. The concept of smart air quality sensor is too general.

In fact, there are quite a few types of pollutants in the air. For example, we are familiar with suspended particulate matter PM2.5 and PM10. Another example is some gases such as TVOC total volatile organic compounds.......Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, benzene, ozone and so on. Another example is the bacteria in the air, epidemic bacteria, etc. The installation of air quality sensors can monitor the degree of pollution in the air. The air quality sensor is mainly used to install in the air quality detector. The air quality detector is like the human body, and the sensor is like the human facial features. If you want to use the air quality sensor, you need an air quality detector as the carrier of the sensor. . In this wa..., we can make corresponding measures according to the situation to avoid unnecessary losses and harm......The air quality detector

Although the scientific and technological means of this era cannot give the air quality sensor an ideal function.....It can still meet the needs of air quality perception at this stage through a progressive solution. Of course, maybe one day in the future, a single sensor will be able to fully detect air. But before that day arrives............. Air quality monitors and air quality monitoring systems will be an important reliance on the air quality of our surroundings.

Weihai Jingxun Changtong provides air quality detectors, indoor air quality detectors, indoor formaldehyde detectors, TVOC detectors, PM10/PM2.5 particulate matter detectors, dust detectors, air quality sensors can monitor indoor temperature and humidity, PM2.5 /10, eCO2, TVOC and other parameters, real-time monitoring of indoor home environment conditions to ensure a good living environment

(1) The air quality detector provides three styles to choose from, and the parameters are free to customize;
(2) The air quality sensor adopts high-density material shell, which has strong anti-interference ability;
(3) The air quality sensor has a long life and high sensitivity;

  1. Standard guide rail structure design
    The air quality sensor can detect two types of TVOC, TVOC+eCO2, high-density material shell, synchronous control setting, strong anti-interference ability.
  2. Surrounding heat dissipation design
    The economical air quality detector can detect TVOC+eCO2+PM2.5/10+ temperature and humidity six-in-one parameter monitoring, high-quality laser probe, long life and high sensitivity.
  3. Wall-mounted king-shaped shell design
    Wall-mounted air quality sensor, TVOC+eCO2, TVOC+eCO2+ temperature and humidity, free customization of parameters, built-in waterproof probe, probe housing with multiple air holes
  4. The air quality sensor has built-in high-quality probes: high-density material shell, wear-resistant and drop-proof, built-in high-quality probes, high accuracy, low power consumption, and wide range.