Common equipment for atmospheric environment monitoring

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The importance of atmospheric environment monitoring

People have always attached great importance to atmospheric environmental protection. As an important step in environmental protection, atmospheric environmental monitoring has also received people's attention. With the continuous improvement of atmospheric environment monitoring technology. Various atmospheric environment monitoring equipment has emerged. Which can provide timely and accurate environmental monitoring data and provide a more scientific basis for environmental protection. Common atmospheric environmental monitoring equipment includes atmospheric micro-stations. Nitrogen oxide detectors, volatile organic compounds detectors, air quality sensors. And oil fume online monitors to help environmental workers formulate scientifically based environmental governance programs.

Atmospheric Microscopic Monitoring Station

The atmospheric micro station can measure PM2.5, PM10, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ozone. And carbon monoxide in the atmosphere in real time. Suitable for online real-time monitoring of airport environment, atmospheric environment air quality and other fields

Environmental monitoring of nitrogen oxides

The nitrogen oxide detector adopts a pumping sampling method, which can directly extract air from the atmosphere. The gas entering the instrument successively passes through the gas processing circuit such as a steam trap. And finally enters the intelligent nitrogen oxygen gas detector. After advanced detection technology, the measurement The concentration of nitrogen and oxygen in the outlet gas.

Volatile Organic Compound Monitor
Atmospheric environment monitoring
Volatile Organic Compound Monitor

The VOCs online monitoring system of volatile organic compounds adopts extraction method for sampling and is equipped with advanced gas chromatography separation technology and detection methods such as FID and PID to measure the total hydrocarbons (THC), non-methane total hydrocarbons (NMHC), aromatic hydrocarbons, etc. in the exhaust gas. The composition of volatile organic gases such as esters, and the measurement data is transmitted to the environmental protection door. Volatile organic compound monitoring systems are widely used in atmospheric environments such as factory boundaries, coal mining areas, chemical plants, and construction site printing industrial parks to detect the concentration of VOCS.

Air quality sensor

Air quality sensor can detect TVOC, TVOC+eCO2, TVOC+eCO2+PM2.5/10+temperature and humidity, TVOC+eCO2+temperature and humidity, TVOC+eCO2