The importance of hydrogen chloride HCl detection

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Harmful gas detector-We all know that a hydrogen chloride molecule is composed of a chlorine atom and a hydrogen atom. It is a colorless gas with a pungent odor. Its main hazard category: 23 categories, then how does hydrogen chloride gas be produced?

The liquefied hydrogen chloride steel cylinder is packed 1 tail gas recovery-polyvinyl chloride tail gas recovered chlorine reacts with ethylene to generate dichloroethane. And then reacts to produce vinyl chloride, and then produces hydrogen chloride tail gas in the process of making polyvinyl chloride.

The importance of hydrogen chloride HCl gas detection

In various industrial fields, because of its very active chemical properties, hydrogen chloride is often used as a variety of corrosion inhibitors such as spices and medicines. In the industrial field, the use of hydrogen chloride is still relatively widespread and common.

But hydrogen chloride is also a colorless and suffocating toxic gas. Which is corrosive to human eyes, respiratory tract and skin. Therefore, in scenarios involving hydrogen chloride gas. A trustworthy HCL hydrogen chloride electrochemical sensor is very If necessary. Wearing relevant protective clothing and taking corresponding protective measures can well protect personal safety.

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Product description:

The HCL electrochemical sensor is an intelligent hydrogen chloride gas detection module, and a high-precision electrochemical sensor is placed inside the module. Through the patent circuit, the hydrogen chloride HCL gas concentration signal is output as a digital signal that is convenient for users to produce and see.

The sensor has the functions of high precision, noise removal processing, temperature compensation processing, etc. At the same time, each sensor is calibrated and tested by standard gas before leaving the factory. Ensuring that the sensor module that the customer gets in hand can directly output usable and accurate gas concentration information.

Product advantages:

Patented circuit for variable gain amplification, high sensitivity, high resolution, factory calibrated. No need for secondary calibration, direct use, small size, easy to install. Intrinsically safe design, support multiple interfaces including digital and analog

Harmful gas detector-Product model JXM-HCL, detection gas hydrogen chloride (HCL,) range 0-50ppm (default), resolution 0.1ppm, detection principle electrochemistry, response time T90≤30s, accuracy ≤±3% of reading (25℃), work Voltage 5V±2%, output signal TTL, analog voltage, life expectancy 1 year, use environment -10 to 50℃ 15 to 90%RH (non-condensing), shape and material height: 24.5mm (±0.25mm), material: Aluminum alloy, weight: 10g, cross interference CO, CO2, SO2, NO2, CH4, H2S, etc., power consumption ≤0.2W