Use carbon monoxide sensor, beware of carbon monoxide poisoning accident

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Introduction to carbon monoxide

Smart carbon monoxide detector-Carbon monoxide (CO) is a toxic gas produced by incomplete combustion of carbonaceous materials. Because it is colorless, tasteless. And non-irritating, it is not easily noticed by the human body, so it is known as the "invisible killer".

In petrochemical, gas, metallurgy, coal mining and other industrial fields. Due to the diffusibility of carbon monoxide gas itself, after a leak occurs, under the action of external wind. The gas will diffuse along the ground surface and accumulate a certain concentration in the work space.

When the human body is exposed to a carbon monoxide concentration of ≤20mg/m3 for a long time, symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and vomiting may occur. Exposure to a high concentration of ≤30mg/m3 may have the risk of coma, cerebral hypoxia and even death.

gas leak detector

Smart carbon monoxide detector-Therefore, the state stipulates that the concentration in the air in the production workplace shall not exceed 30mg/m3, and carbon monoxide gas sensors must be installed to investigate the safety of the on-site environment and avoid safety accidents.

In autumn and winter, when the weather gets colder, many families still choose to burn coal for heating, which will produce a lot of carbon monoxide. Due to the cold winter weather, families rarely open windows for ventilation. Which will cause a large amount of carbon monoxide to accumulate. Excessive concentrations will have a great impact and will seriously endanger life and safety.