Scenic Negative Oxygen Ion Monitoring Station

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What are negative oxygen ions?

Negative oxygen ions are hydroxide anions (H3O) formed by instantaneously charged ionized water (H2O) in the air. Also known as negative oxygen ions. The human skin and respiratory system can suck it into the blood system and lymphatic system. Long-term inhalation of large amounts of negative ions has a very important effect on promoting human health. It can activate cells, promote the exchange of sodium and potassium ions inside and outside the body, purify the blood. And promote the discharge of toxic substances in the body; maintain weak alkaline body fluids, quickly eliminate fatigue and restore physical fitness; balance the autonomic nervous system, stabilize mental and emotional, and enhance disease resistance . Therefore, negative ions are known as "health and longevity factors" and "air vitamins."

Features of Negative Oxygen Ion Monitoring Station:

The negative oxygen ion monitoring system has been successfully applied to ecological parks. Wetland parks, waterfall parks, forest parks, nature reserves, and tourist attractions across the country. The system can simultaneously monitor a variety of environmental elements, and can be expanded and reduced according to user needs. It can monitor and transmit negative oxygen ions. Temperature and humidity, PM2.5, and noise concentration data in the air 24 hours a day. The unique modular combined structure design can fully meet the needs of different occasions. All monitoring sensors can be replaced, equipped with professional mounting bracket poles. Column type installation is convenient and quick, on-site visual data monitoring large screen. Remote cloud platform monitoring, mobile phone APP query, follow-up operation and maintenance are extremely convenient. The integration is high and the scheme is flexible.

In all cases, the data is stable, and the system has self-check and self-recovery functions. It can be equipped with single-color and dual-color screens, the display interface can be customized. And the time and date can be additionally displayed, and the news drum will play advertising content. RS-485 communication interface, Ethernet communication interface, AC220V or DC24V power supply and other output methods. Other gas sensor options are provided, display interfaces of different specifications are provided. And an expandable gas monitoring display interface is reserved. Professional operation, convenient management, stable transmission, and high reliability; it can transmit program information such as text without being affected by distance and has a wide range of applications; it can automatically recover and save traffic after the terminal is offline.

Negative oxygen ion monitoring station
Negative oxygen ion monitoring station