What car can’t add ethanol gasoline

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Ethanol gasoline is a mixture, which is a multi-element mixture composed of a variety of alkanes (C4-C8) and ethanol. In fact, it is a blend of 90% ordinary gasoline and 10% fuel ethanol. Denoted by "E", the common ethanol gasoline labels are E92, E95, and E98. Because ethanol is very volatile, the water in the fuel tank will increase over time, causing oil separation. Therefore, ethanol gasoline also has a shelf life. Generally speaking, the shelf life of ethanol gasoline is 15-25 days. And it is recommended to use it up within the shelf life as much as possible. LCD screen ethanol sensor

If the expiration date has passed and the car is found to be underpowered.It means that the gasoline has been separated .And it is recommended not to continue using it.

If you continue to use it, it is easy to cause the engine to operate rough, and over time, it will also cause problems such as blocked fuel injectors and carbon deposits in the engine. .Ethanol gasoline has a low calorific value of combustion, and the power of the car will decrease after use, and it is relatively fuel-efficient. But the exhaust emissions are lower and more environmentally friendly,

What effect does ethanol gasoline have on the car?

The calorific value of ethanol gasoline is lower than that of gasoline. And the evaporation temperature is greater than that of gasoline. During the combustion process, the gasification is too slow and affects the formation of the mixture. Which will eventually cause the car's power to drop. 2. The calorific value of ethanol is about 40% lower than that of gasoline. Therefore, The energy density of ethanol gasoline of the same volume is lower than that of pure gasoline....So the fuel consumption will be higher. 3. The biggest feature of ethanol gasoline is its cleanliness. It can effectively remove the impurities deposited on the fuel in the car's fuel tank and fuel system...And can dredge the fuel circuit.

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