What is VOC pollution

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We have heard a lot of air pollution, such as the well-known smog, which is caused by PM2.5 particulate matter. I often hear voc pollution, so voc monitoring is particularly important. So what is voc? voc is an acronym for volatile organic compounds, which translates to volatile organic compounds. VOC is an air pollutant, that is, a volatile organic substance. The electronic equipment we use daily, if the temperature is high, some semi-volatile organic compounds SVOC will volatilize, and some VOCs with a vaporization point above 40 degrees will be volatile. Will be released quickly.

Definition of voc

The US Federal Environmental Protection Agency's definition of voc: Volatile organic compounds are any carbon compounds that participate in atmospheric photochemical reactions except for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, metal carbides, metal carbonates and ammonium carbonate.

The World Health Organization's definition of "total volatile organic compounds": the general term for volatile organic compounds with a melting point lower than room temperature and a boiling point between 50-260°C.

The harm of voc

As an air pollutant, voc firstly smells unpleasant, which will harm the human respiratory system; secondly, it will damage the human central nervous system and reduce memory. There are the following carcinogenic chemicals in vocs, such as benzene and benzene series.

voc monitoring

There are many kinds of voc monitoring equipment, including portable volatile organic compound VOC gas detectors that carried around. And volatile organic compound monitoring equipment suitable for industrial areas, which can help people to better monitor the voc.

Industrial waste gas is an important source of air pollutants. A large amount of industrial waste gas is discharged into the atmosphere. Which will inevitably reduce the quality of the atmospheric environment. Bring serious harm to human health, and cause huge losses to the national economy. Harmful substances in industrial waste gas enter the human body through the respiratory tract and skin. Which can cause temporary and permanent damage to human breathing, blood, liver and other system organs. In particular, benzopyrene polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons can directly cause human cancer. Therefore, mankind attaches great importance to this. The VOC online monitoring system for volatile organic compounds can effectively detect industrial waste gas.

voc monitoring
voc monitoring