How to choose a gas monitor

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 30 2021

Newly renovated houses usually contain formaldehyde, it is best to monitor it with an instrument. How to choose a gas monitor?

Formaldehyde, a colorless and irritating gas, has a stimulating effect on human eyes and nose. After the renovation of the new house, it has not been easy for everyone to live in peace, especially if there are pregnant women or children at home, today I will tell you how to choose a formaldehyde gas monitor.

1.Look at the sensor

The formaldehyde detector usually adopts the electrochemical sensor method. The sensor type can be observed through the air inlet of the detector. If the sensor type is semiconductor, it is not considered directly, and formaldehyde cannot be measured even if it is bought. Second, look at the price. A few hundred pieces of formaldehyde detectors must be based on semiconductor detection principles, so they can be ignored.

2. Look at the accuracy

The normal country stipulates that in a confined space, the actual measured value of formaldehyde should be less than 0.10mg per cubic meter. If it exceeds this range, the formaldehyde exceeds the standard. "Indoor Air Quality Standards", the formaldehyde concentration is accurate to two decimal places, that is, accurate to 0.01mg/m3. The products of regular manufacturers are designed in strict accordance with national standards.

3.Look at the calibration

Regular manufacturers have complete R&D and production equipment, and testing instruments must be calibrated in the calibration warehouse before leaving the factory to ensure product accuracy.

4.Look at the machine time

The standby time is the simplest and most effective way to determine whether a formaldehyde detector is an electrochemical sensor or a semiconductor sensor. Normally, the standby time of an electrochemical sensor's formaldehyde detector is more than 5 days, and the standby time of a semiconductor sensor's formaldehyde detector will not exceed 12 hours.

Formaldehyde is not a problem that cannot be overcome, and it does not need to cause unnecessary panic. Scientific selection of gas detection equipment can help us better understand the air quality at home and make every breath comfortable.