Application of H2S electrochemical sensor in detecting poisonous and harmful gases in septic tank

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 30 2021

Gas detector explosion proof-The H2S electrochemical sensor can be used to detect the high concentration of hydrogen sulfide gas in the septic tank during the operation of the septic tank. Which can prevent the staff entering the space from being poisoned, and even sudden death may occur. As we all know, the sludge deposited in a septic tank is very easy to produce toxic and harmful gases such as methane (methane), carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide.

Hydrogen sulfide gas is one of the main reasons for acute poisoning and safety production accidents during septic tank operations. Hydrogen sulfide exists in the form of a colorless gas with the smell of rotten eggs at room temperature. Hydrogen sulfide is soluble in water and can explode when the concentration in the air ranges from 4.3% to 45.5%. This gas is a kind of suffocating gas with irritant and strong neurotoxicity.

When personnel are exposed to low-concentration hydrogen sulfide gas, symptoms such as tearing, coughing, chest tightness, fatigue, nausea, headache, vomiting. And dizziness may occur. In addition to the above symptoms after exposure to moderate concentrations of hydrogen sulfide gas. It can also cause more serious symptoms such as limb movement disorders and transient disturbances of consciousness.

Apart from this

If a person is exposed to high-concentration hydrogen sulfide gas. Hydrogen sulfide can directly act on the brain nerve center through the body's chemoreceptors. Causing respiratory paralysis and even further cessation of heart rate abnormalities and further cessation. It causes convulsions of the human body, rapid coma, etc. Resulting in coma or death. In addition. Hydrogen sulfide also has a toxic effect on cells. Producing symptoms similar to cyanide poisoning. After being sent to a doctor for treatment. The condition may worsen or even die due to this cause.

Gas detector explosion proof-Using Jingxun Changtong H2S electrochemical sensor can effectively detect the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the air. Support 24-hour continuous online monitoring. Alarms can be issued when the gas concentration exceeds the standard. Reminding staff to pay attention to their own safety.