How to choose a multi gas monitor

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With the development of the industry, there are many types of multi gas monitor on the market. How should we choose?

Multi gas monitor refers to an instrument that can detect multiple gases at the same time. The commonly used multi gas monitor is a four-in-one type, mainly measuring four gases. The standard four gases mainly include hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and combustible gases. These four gases are the two basic detection gases and the classification of combustible and toxic and harmful gases. The sensors used are electrochemical and catalytic combustion sensors, and catalytic combustion sensors are used to measure combustible gases.

Multi gas monitor are divided into diffusion detection and pumping gas detection. When the instrument is in use, there will be a warm-up time after it is turned on, and the surrounding environment can be tested after the warm up is over.

Introduction of diffusion gas monitor:

The diffusion gas monitor uses natural air flow, and part of the air flows into the gas monitor. In this way, the gas monitor can analyze the incoming gas and obtain results. Compared with the pumping gas monitor, because there is no suction pump, the sampling speed of the diffusion gas detector is slow. Moreover, the test results are more susceptible to interference from external factors such as the wind speed and temperature of the test environment, and there will be certain errors in the results.

Pump suction gas monitor introduction:

The pumping gas monitor is different from the diffusion detection method. The pump-aspiration monitor is equipped with a gas sampling pump through a gas hose to draw the gas into the confined space or the space that is not easy to enter. The gas can be pumped into the machine through the sampling pump for detection. Relatively speaking, the accuracy and a small amount of omissions The gas is more precise.

The multi gas monitor uses a built in battery and an external charging method. When charging, the machine should be turned off and the charging time should be guaranteed within 6-8 hours. In addition, some customers report that the equipment is not reflected after charging, because the excuse of industrial equipment requires us to confirm whether Normally plug in the machine to prompt whether it is charging normally and so on. In this way, the normal use of the machine can be ensured.

Selection of the use of multi gas monitor:

The accuracy and sensitivity of the gas monitor are important parts of the gas monitor, which are related to the quality and induction of the product.