Gas detector machine for SO2 in online monitoring system’s application

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 26 2021
Pollution problem

SO2 gas detector machine has been widely used in the continuous monitoring of various industrial emissions, such as waste incineration plants, thermal power plants, coal, petrochemical plants and paper mills and other industries. With the faster and faster development of industrial production and enterprises, our country is facing a very prominent environmental problem-industrial waste gas pollution.


According to regulations such as the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law. Industrial waste gas must be pre-treated before being discharged. And only after reaching the national waste gas emission standards, is it allowed to be discharged to the outside world. Because some of these exhaust gases will enter the human body through the respiratory tract in different ways. Some will directly cause health hazards. And some will accumulate, which will cause more serious harm to human health in the long term. Exhaust gas generated in industrial sites such as factories and workshops is pretreated to make the planned exhaust gas meet the national exhaust gas emission standards. This is the meaning of industrial exhaust gas purification. It is usually necessary to test the purified exhaust gas to ensure that the exhaust gas meets. The emission standards before allowing discharge.

SO2 is currently recognized by various countries and regions as one of the most important corrosive gases in the atmosphere. Sulfur dioxide can accelerate the corrosion process of most metals. Because my country is currently one of the largest coal producers and consumers in the world, the sulfur dioxide pollution to the atmosphere is very serious. And in some areas, the sulfur dioxide content in the atmosphere has even exceeded 60% of the total environment. Therefore, it is very necessary to monitor the SO2 gas in the atmosphere. And it is necessary to establish an accurate and sensitive measurement method.

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