Gas detector instrument Introduction and usage

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We There are two types of gas detector instrument: portable and fixed. Its role is to detect gas concentration and leakage.

Today I will focus on the portable gas detector.

About the portable gas detector:

First of all, the portable gas detector should be calibrated at least half a year. And to zero the portable gas detector at any time. In this way, its accuracy and effectiveness can be guaranteed to the greatest extent. In addition, pay attention to the service life of the sensor. Under normal circumstances, when using a portable gas detector, the service life of the sensor is the longest, generally up to two years. The time of the oxygen sensor is basically only about one year. The service life of an electrochemical sensor depends on the electrolyte inside. If it is not used for a period of time, it can be sealed in a place with a lower temperature to extend its use time.

Secondly, when using portable gas detection, we must pay attention to its concentration detection range. No matter what kind of gas detector has its own detection range. Beyond this range, the gas detector will lose its effect, and even if it can measure, the result will not be accurate. If this gas detector is used in a place beyond the measurement range for a long time, it may cause damage to its sensor.

Again, when using a portable gas detector. To understand and pay attention to the state of the gas that needs to be detected. This requires the user to fully understand the relationship between the gas detector and temperature, humidity, etc. These factors are very important for the correct determination of the gas concentration.

Finally, the detection response time of the gas detector is also something that needs to be carefully considered. During the use of the tester, when it is found that the test value of the display screen is stable during the test, that is, when it no longer changes, this can be used as the final test data. In addition, if the sensor is exposed to high-concentration gas, due to the adsorption of the gas on the pipe wall, etc., the effectiveness and reliability of the gas detector may be greatly reduced.

Concluding remarks

Choosing a reliable gas detector is very important for an enterprise, and you must not just look at the price. More attention should be paid to quality. The responsibility for safe production is heavier than Mount Tai.