The importance of CH4 gas detector

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At about 6:40 on June 13, a gas explosion occurred at the Yanhu Community Fair in Zhangwan District, Shiyan City, Hubei Province. The accident caused 25 deaths and caused great pain to people. Natural gas is often used as a fuel and is widely used in production and life, but accidents caused by natural gas leakage occur from time to time. Therefore, companies that use natural gas as fuel must strictly monitor with CH4 gas detector during natural gas production, transportation, and storage. , Try our best to prevent the occurrence of safety hazards to ensure the safety of life and property of enterprises, employees and the masses!

CH4 gas detector:

For the safety of people's production and property, the CH4 gas detector can help people avoid risks and monitor the CH4 concentration in real time. When the gas exceeds the standard, the CH4 gas leak detector can give an audible and visual alarm, which is convenient for people to respond in time and reduce casualties.

Methane (CH4) is the main component of natural gas and is mainly used as a fuel for the production of light and heat. It is used by industries such as pulp and paper, food processors, and oil refineries. Methane-based combustion also helps companies dry, desulfurize, melt and disinfect their products. Methane gas is flammable and should be monitored in enclosed or underground spaces (such as mines and power plants). It also poses a risk of suffocation because it replaces oxygen. Fixed CH4 gas detectors and portable methane gas detectors provide reliable and accurate monitoring of methane and other gases in areas that may endanger the safety of workers.

  1. Original imported non-dispersive infrared sensor, anti-interference;
  2. Microprocessor technology, good stability and repeatability, fast response speed, high measurement accuracy, automatic zero point, full scale, and temperature compensation;
  3. Full software calibration function, users can also calibrate by themselves, with 3 keys, simple operation;
  4. Three-wire system 4~20mA output, relay output, data recovery, can control functions such as secondary alarm settings;
  5. Two cable inlets for easy on-site installation;
  6. Misoperation prevention function: restore factory settings with one key to prevent malfunctions caused by accidental modification of parameters;
  7. Independent air chamber structure, convenient for sensor replacement;
  8. Explosion-proof design, fast, reliable and stable; explosion-proof grade is Ex dⅡCT6
CH4 gas detector
CH4 gas detector