Applicable places of combustible gas detector

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Everyone knows the hazards of flammable and explosive gases, and attaches great importance to. The serious consequences of flammable gas leakage. But it is obviously unreliable and unscientific to check by manpower alone. Many flammable gases are colorless, odorless and toxic, such as Carbon monoxide often causes safety accidents in winter. At this time, a combustible gas detector is needed to play a role. As we all know, combustible gas detectors have been widely used in various places. And various equipments are also emerging in endlessly. Among them, portable combustible gas detectors are convenient to carry and give timely alarms, which have attracted more people's attention. Where must the combustible gas detector be used?

Gas station

The gas station is a very important explosion-proof place. When we refuel, the telephone cannot be used to prevent deflagration caused by static electricity. It can be seen how strict the safety measures at the gas station are. The portable combustible gas detector can help gas station staff to strengthen safety precautions and detect. The leakage of combustible gas in time.

Food Industry

Recently, news about restaurant explosion accidents have also emerged one after another. Flammable gas leakage in the catering industry is often not a small accident. And it is likely to cause major safety accidents and cause major casualties. It is also easy to cause panic and question the safety of the catering industry. The combustible gas alarm can help the catering industry take emergency. Measures in the early stage of combustible gas leakage to avoid serious consequences.

Home kitchen and bathroom

Needless to say. The safety of gas in the kitchen is a place that people often. Pay attention to but tend to be negligent. Accidents often destroy a happy family. Some family toilets are gas water heaters. When the ventilation in the toilet is not good. Tt is very easy to cause insufficient combustion of the gas water heater and produce a large amount. Of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is colorless and tasteless, and it is easily combined with hemoglobin, causing human hypoxia. Some people like to bathe for a long time, and when they find that they are poisoned by carbon monoxide. They are already confused and powerless. This is also the reason why people often take baths and suffocate in the news.

combustible gas detector
combustible gas detector