Introduction to the principle and technology of ndir infrared gas sensor

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Introduction of ndir infrared gas sensor

Ndir sensor module-The NDIR infrared gas sensor is a new and relatively simple gas sensor. In the sensor, the infrared radiation emitted by the light source passes through the measurement unit first. And there is the detection gas to be analyzed in the measurement unit. The main components of the NDIR sensor are infrared light source, measuring unit (or optical channel), infrared photodetector and optical filter.

Infrared radiation will be emitted from the light source first, and then pass through the measurement unit (or optical channel), and the gas to be analyzed is in the direction of the photodetector. The gas in the measurement unit will determine the absorption of infrared radiation at a specific wavelength according to Beer-Lambert's law. And use the change of incident radiation on the photodetector to calculate the concentration of the gas in the measurement unit. The photodetector will be equipped with an optical filter that can suppress radiation to all wavelengths. In addition to the wavelengths absorbed by the gas to be analyzed in the sensor. It will also allow a highly selective sensor to measure the gas.

ndir sensor module
ndir sensor module

In theory, as long as the gas is composed of two or more different atoms in molecules. It can absorb infrared radiation with a characteristic wavelength in order to use NDIR technology to detect the gas.

NDIR nitrogen dioxide sensor and NDIR sulfur hexafluoride sensor
Infrared nitrogen dioxide sensor: the measurement range is 0-10000ppm. The measurement resolution can reach 1ppm, the accuracy is ±5% F.S, and the response time is less than 30 seconds.

Ndir sensor module-ndir sulphur hexafluoride sensor: measurement range is 0-1000/0-3000/0-5000/0-10000ppm multiple ranges. Measurement accuracy ±2%FS, response time less than 30 seconds, working voltage 9-24V DC, average Power consumption is less than 60mA.