Nh3 sensor in aquaculture industry application

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Nh3 sensor are often used in applications in the aquaculture industry. So why are ammonia sensors used in the aquaculture industry?


As the aquaculture industry begins to develop towards scale, scientific, intensive and modernization. The aquaculture environment has become an important issue that cannot be ignored. According to data, in areas with high-density livestock and poultry breeding. Excessive release of ammonia in agricultural production may cause ecological and environmental problems. And a good ecological environment will be destroyed directly or indirectly.

What is NH3

First of all, let's get to know ammonia gas: Ammonia is a toxic, colorless, water-soluble, and strongly irritating gas. Under normal circumstances, the production of ammonia in farms mainly comes from two sources. One is from the digestion and feces of the poultry and animals. The nitrides in these substances are easily decomposed by urease, which will produce ammonia; the other It comes from the feces, feed residues and bedding accumulated in the breeding area. If the humidity and temperature in the pen are relatively high, it will greatly accelerate the production of ammonia.

Take pig farming as an example. Because ammonia gas has high water solubility, it is often adsorbed on the eye conjunctiva and skin mucosa of pigs, which can stimulate the pig itself and cause inflammation, thereby reducing the pig’s production performance and body resistance. . Ammonia can also enter the respiratory tract, causing cough, bronchitis and bronchitis. Pulmonary edema, bleeding, breathing difficulties, suffocation and other diseases. And even cause organ necrosis, causing respiratory disorders, and may increase the susceptibility to airborne diseases. Can induce other diseases. Ammonia can also affect the growth and development of pigs. And has a bad effect on pregnancy, childbirth and other reproductive links.

The NH3 sensor is a universal ammonia concentration detection sensor currently on the market. Which can monitor the concentration of ammonia online for 24 hours.

Nh3 sensor
Nh3 sensor