The application of oxygen sensor in people’s life

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Oxygen sensor-As we all know, oxygen is very important, and the survival of humans and animals is inseparable from oxygen. The same creatures in the water are inseparable from dissolved oxygen. There are many oxygen sensors on the market, which are widely used in various fields.

For example, the detection of oxygen content in greenhouse vegetables, the detection of oxygen content in densely populated areas, and the detection of oxygen content in cellars or tunnels are all widely used.

For places such as crowded people and cellar tunnels, the oxygen content can be monitored to ensure sufficient oxygen, and people can guarantee that underground operations can proceed smoothly.

Gas detection can better protect people's safety. It is a guarantee for companies, enterprises, and every family. From this point of view, gas monitoring equipment is a vital existence, and choosing the most suitable gas monitoring equipment manufacturer is the indispensable key to success, and it plays a key role in overall gas monitoring.

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Formaldehyde tester
Oxygen sensor

Jingxunchangtong is an equipment manufacturer with many years of experience. The portable oxygen gas detector independently developed by Jingxunchangtong is also a portable and convenient small gas detector.

It adopts the latest digital integrated circuit technology and international gas-sensitive detection technology, and is a brand-new intelligent gas detector. With sound and light dual alarm function, it can give better prompts. The clear chart display makes the data observation more representative and predictive, and the data display is more intuitive and easy to observe.

It has the characteristics of waterproof, fireproof and explosion-proof, and can adapt to harsh environments. Lightweight, convenient, easy to carry, comfortable in the hand, and can be mastered with one hand. It can be widely used in the gas monitoring environment of indoors, pharmaceutical factories, food factories and other fields.

Jingxunchangtong has also independently developed explosion-proof oxygen concentration analyzers, oxygen detectors, etc., which are sold directly by the factory to better meet the different needs of different customers.