Detect the danger of methane gas leakage

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Whether it is natural gas pipelines located in remote areas of the wilderness. A manufacturing plant located in an industrial park. Or other related places. Owning methane detector equipment is very important. In many cases, even if a small methane leak is not found, it may cause a fire or explosion. This may cause widespread injury, injury or even death. To ensure that this does not happen. Various detection systems have been developed for applications in various industries. If you are concerned about the danger of methane gas leakage, please keep the following important information in mind.

Is methane gas harmful to humans?

Although methane gas is highly explosive. But it is non-toxic to humans and is not considered extremely dangerous. But for those who are exposed to methane gas in areas with low oxygen content. Problems such as headache, fatigue and dizziness may occur. If the oxygen level continues to drop and the methane level continues to rise, it may cause suffocation.

What are the hazards of methane gas?

Although methane gas is basically non-toxic, the biggest danger associated with methane gas is its explosiveness. Since the accumulation of this kind of gas can happen very quickly, especially in a narrow space, a dangerous situation may be formed within a few minutes. In addition, because it is a kind of odorless or no other way to remind people of the accumulated gas. Therefore, it is essential to install fixed and portable monitoring systems in all facilities where methane gas is present.

Why methane is important

Although methane gas is highly explosive. But because of its ability to be used in a variety of applications and products. Therefore, it is extremely important for many industries. For example, it is a common ingredient in products such as fertilizers, antifreeze, and many types of plastics. At the same time, natural gas is a much cheaper energy source than electricity. Therefore, natural gas is used as heat and energy for enterprises. Moreover, many food processors, petroleum refineries, and other companies in the oil and gas industry that work with glass, stone, and clay use methane gas to dry, dehumidify, and melt products.

methane detector equipment
methane detector equipment
The methane gas sensor is particularly important

Although methane is flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful. But doing a good job of monitoring methane can avoid accidents. Methane detector equipment is widely used in industry to ensure the safety of life and property.