Influence of sulfur hexafluoride gas on air pollution

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With the continuous emission of greenhouse gases, the living environment of mankind is also continuously deteriorating. Since scientists began to measure the temperature of the atmosphere, temperatures across the earth have been rising year by year. The sea level is rising year by year. In addition to CO2 gas, the most harmful gas is sulfur hexafluoride! The factory needs sf6 gas detector to detect it to avoid the harm caused by the leakage of sulfur hexafluoride gas.

Sulfur hexafluoride source

There are many industries that need to use SF6 gas. There are also many manufacturers of SF6 gas. These are all possible sources of SF6 gas emissions. The hazards of sulfur hexafluoride are also caused by these emission sources. For example, if a manufacturer that produces SF6 gas has poor management and immature technology during the production process, it is extremely likely to cause SF6 gas to escape during the production process. This is one of the reasons for the hazards of sulfur hexafluoride. Secondly, SF6 gas needs to be flushed in many electrical equipment. It is very necessary to carry out sulfur hexafluoride leakage detection. We can use sf6 gas detector to detect so that we can detect it anytime and anywhere to prevent danger.

sf6 gas detector
sf6 gas detector
The importance of sf6 leak detector

The greenhouse effect of sulfur hexafluoride is one of the main hazards of sulfur hexafluoride. In addition, SF6 decomposition products are also one of the reasons for the harm of sulfur hexafluoride. Although the pure SF6 gas is chemically stable and safe. But under the action of high temperature and high pressure arc, if there is still excess moisture. It is possible to decompose hydrofluoric acid and toxic SOF2, SO2F2, SF4 and SOF4 and other low-priced sulfur fluorides. Under the action of high-temperature arcing, sulfur dioxide and hydrofluoric acid, which are one of the greenhouse gases, will also be decomposed. These toxic gases will not only corrode the equipment itself, once leaked, it will cause serious harm to the human body! The toxic decomposition products of SF6 are also a hazard of sulfur hexafluoride.