Nitrogen dioxide pollution to the atmosphere

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The chemical formula of nitrogen dioxide is NO2, and it is a brown-red toxic gas at high temperatures. Nitrogen dioxide monitor is a sensor that detects NO2 and plays an important role in the prevention and control of air pollution.

Nitrogen dioxide pollution to the atmosphere

Nitrogen dioxide is an important pollutant that affects air quality. Man-made nitrogen dioxide mainly comes from the release of high-temperature combustion processes, such as motor vehicle exhaust and boiler exhaust.

Nitrogen dioxide is one of the causes of acid rain. And its environmental effects are diverse, including: impact on wetland and terrestrial plant species competition and composition changes, reduced atmospheric visibility, acidification and eutrophication of surface water And increase the content of toxins harmful to fish and other aquatic organisms in water bodies.

Inhalation of nitrogen dioxide is harmful to human health

Nitrogen oxides mainly damage the respiratory tract. There are only slight eye and upper respiratory tract irritation symptoms at the initial stage of inhalation, such as pharynx discomfort, dry cough, etc. Delayed pulmonary edema, adult respiratory distress syndrome, chest tightness, respiratory distress, cough, foamy sputum, cyanosis, etc. occur after a constant incubation period of hours to ten hours or more. Can be complicated by pneumothorax and mediastinal emphysema. Delayed obstructive bronchiolitis may occur about two weeks after the pulmonary edema subsides. Chronic effects are mainly manifested as neurasthenia syndrome and chronic respiratory tract inflammation. Pulmonary fibrosis occurred in individual cases. Can cause tooth erosion.

nitrogen dioxide monitor
nitrogen dioxide monitor
Nitrogen dioxide sensor

The nitrogen dioxide monitor adopts the pump suction sampling mode, which can directly extract air from the atmosphere. The gas entering into the instrument successively passes through the gas treatment circuit such as the steam trap. And finally enters the nitrogen and oxygen gas analyzer. Through advanced detection technology, the nitrogen and oxygen concentration in the gas can be measured. The NOx on-line monitoring system is suitable for gas detection and analysis in the situation of low dust, high temperature and high humidity.