Application and detection of carbon dioxide in industry

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Importance of co2 detector

Co2 detector is used in industry, agriculture, national defense, medical and health care. Many fields such as environmental protection and aerospace have wide applications.

Industrial carbon dioxide production

Carbon dioxide has a very wide range of uses. Carbon dioxide products are mainly extracted and recovered from gases such as synthetic ammonia production hydrogen process gas, fermentation gas, lime kiln gas, acid neutralization gas, ethylene oxidation side reaction gas and flue gas. The purity of commercial products is not less than 99% (volume).

Application of carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide can be injected into the beverage to increase the pressure, make the beverage contain bubbles, and increase the taste when drinking. Solid carbon dioxide (or dry ice) will vaporize at room temperature. Absorb a lot of heat, so it can be used in rapid food freezing. Carbon dioxide is heavier than air and does not support combustion. Therefore, many fire extinguishers produce carbon dioxide and use its characteristics to extinguish fires. The carbon dioxide fire extinguisher directly uses liquefied carbon dioxide to extinguish the fire.

co2 detector
co2 detector

In addition to the above characteristics, it also has the advantage of not leaving solid residues after the fire is extinguished. Carbon dioxide can also be used as a shielding gas for welding. Its protective effect is not as good as other rare gases (such as argon), but the price is much cheaper. Carbon dioxide laser is an important industrial laser source. Carbon dioxide can be used to make wine, and carbon dioxide gas creates an oxygen-deficient environment. Helps prevent bacteria from growing in grapes. Carbon dioxide can control pH. Carbon dioxide is added to the swimming pool to control the pH, and carbon dioxide is added to keep the pH from rising. Carbon dioxide can be used in the soda industry and sugar industry. Carbon dioxide can be used as a blowing agent in the plastics industry.