Types of gas detector sensor

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Definition of gas detector sensor

The so-called gas detector sensor is used to detect whether there is a specific gas in a certain area. Or a sensor that can continuously measure the concentration of gas components. In terms of safety protection in coal mines, petroleum, chemical industry, households, etc. Gas sensors are often used to detect the concentration of flammable, flammable, and toxic gases.

In the power industry and other manufacturing fields. Gas sensors are also commonly used to quantitatively measure the concentration of each component in the flue gas. To judge the combustion situation and the amount of harmful gas emissions. In the field of atmospheric environmental monitoring. It is very common to use gas sensors to determine environmental pollution.

Classification of gas sensors

From the detection gas type. Usually divided into: combustible gas sensors (often using catalytic combustion type, infrared, thermal conductivity, semiconductor type). Toxic gas sensor (usually electrochemistry, metal semiconductor, photoionization, flame ionization). Harmful gas sensor (usually infrared, ultraviolet, etc.). Oxygen (often used paramagnetic type, zirconia type) and other types of sensors.

gas detector sensor
gas detector sensor

From the method of use, it is usually divided into portable gas sensors and fixed gas sensors.

From the way the gas sample is obtained. Usually divided into diffusion gas sensors (that is, the sensor is directly installed in the environment of the object to be measured. The measured gas directly contacts the sensor detection element through natural diffusion). Inhalation gas sensor (refers to the use of a suction pump and other means to introduce the gas to be measured into the sensor detection element for detection. According to whether the measured gas is diluted, it can be subdivided into a full suction type and a dilution type, etc.).

From the analysis of gas composition, it is usually divided into single gas sensor (only for specific gas detection) and composite gas sensor (simultaneous detection of multiple gas components).

According to the sensor detection principle, it is usually divided into: thermal gas sensor, electrochemical gas sensor, magnetic gas sensor, optical gas sensor, semiconductor gas sensor, gas chromatography gas sensor, etc.