Several problems should be paid attention to in the use of portable gas detector

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Introduction to Portable gas detector

Portable gas detector can be used for hazardous gas detection. Organic voc gas detection, combustible gas detection, single gas detection. The development of detection technology to accurately make early warning of hidden dangers changes with each passing day. The application in the inspection and elimination of accident precursors is also becoming more and more extensive. Its development direction is miniaturization and automation in order to achieve long-term monitoring.

The function of portable gas detector

The development of portable gas detectors allows the leakage process to be discovered at an early stage. The occurrence of certain disasters is inevitable. How to effectively suppress and monitor early warning. In view of the accidents that have occurred, how to make reasonable use of high-tech means. Effective control of accidents. Reducing casualties and property losses is a practical problem that needs to be addressed in key technologies for production safety. The key to the transition from passive rescue technology to a new generation of active prevention technology is intelligent monitoring technology.

portable gas detector
portable gas detector
Several problems should be paid attention to in use

(1) Read the corresponding manual carefully before use, and be familiar with the performance and operating methods of the machine.

(2) Check the air intake filter of the debris that needs to be cleaned or replaced.

(3) Avoid collisions as much as possible during use, resulting in abnormal detection data.

(4) Sensors and other parts are precision components. Do not open the lid at will when adjusting the instrument. Pay attention to the input of waterproof and impurity during use to prevent abnormal data.

(5) If the indicator light glows continuously, the display suddenly shows countless values. The gas obviously exceeds the standard area, the value does not move, the gap is large, etc. The operation should stop immediately. Evacuate to the fresh air area to observe and eliminate any problems in time. Otherwise, continue to use it is strictly prohibited.

(6) Clean the dust on the surface after stopping work, and clean the equipment.

(7) When you are not working for a long time, you should turn off the machine and place it in a dry and dust-free environment that meets the storage temperature.