Classification of electrochemical gas detectors

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Gas detector

Gas detector is an instrument tool for gas leakage concentration detection, including portable, handheld , fixed , online gas detector, etc.

Electrochemical gas detector

As early as the 1970s, gas sensors have become a large department in the field of sensors, belonging to a branch of chemical sensors.

Galvanic cell gas sensor

The principle of galvanic cell type gas sensor (also known as gavoni cell type gas sensor, fuel cell type gas sensor and spontaneous cell type gas sensor) is the same as that of our dry cell, but the carbon manganese electrode of the battery is replaced by the gas electrode. Take the oxygen sensor as an example. Oxygen is reduced at the cathode, and electrons flow through the ammeter to the anode, where the lead metal is oxidized. The magnitude of the current is directly related to the concentration of oxygen. This sensor can effectively detect oxygen, sulfur dioxide.

Concentration difference battery type gas sensor

Concentration difference battery type gas sensor. The gas with electrochemical activity will spontaneously form concentration difference electromotive force on both sides of the electrochemical battery. The magnitude of electromotive force is related to the concentration of gas. Successful examples of this sensor are automobile oxygen sensor and solid electrolyte carbon dioxide sensor.

Limiting current type gas sensor

The limiting current type gas sensor has a sensor for measuring the oxygen concentration. The oxygen (gas) concentration sensor is prepared by using the principle that the limiting current in the electrochemical cell is related to the carrier concentration, which is used for the oxygen detection of automobile and the oxygen concentration detection in molten steel.

Gas detector
Gas detector

The gas detector can detect hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and oxygen, which can meet the needs of measurement in special occasions; Gas concentration detection or leakage detection can be carried out for tunnels, pipelines, tanks, confined spaces, etc