4 Best Industrial SO2 Gas Detectors

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Why do you need a gas detector?

In the process of industrial production, flammable, toxic, harmful gas leakage occurs from time to time, will cause serious threats to personnel, equipment, production, life. The main causes of leakage are: 1. Material defects in production equipment or containers. 2. The sealing ring and the sealing ring are not tightly sealed. 3. The welding place of the container is subjected to electrochemical corrosion for a long time. 4. Human negligence, etc. Leaking flammable or toxic gases are quickly diluted by air, so the location of the leak is difficult to find and even more difficult to quantify. Over time, these gases can build up in certain areas or in certain blind spots. When the content of combustible gas in the air reaches a certain value, it is easy to burn or explode in the presence of open fire. If this very dangerous hidden danger can not be found in time, it will bring great loss to personal safety and property. At this time, we can use industrial gas detector for online monitoring.

Why pay attention to gas monitoring

To predict this potential hazard, you can install more gas detectors in living and production areas with potential leakage hazards. These can continuously measure whether the flammable gas in the air around the equipment has reached combustion or explosion concentrations. As soon as the gas sensor detects the presence of flammable or toxic gas, it immediately responds by displaying the reading, issuing an alert, or sending an alert to your phone. Let people take immediate measures to deal with the leak, on the other hand, disperse the surrounding air, reduce the concentration of combustible gases in the air, and avoid a serious accident.

JXCT is a branded manufacturer with many years of production and R&D experience. For several years, JXCT has been committed to the development and testing of high quality practical gas detectors to meet the needs of different customers, and constantly improve their functions. At present, our brand of industrial gas detector work stable, high sensitivity, welcomed by the market. Based on our testing, expertise, and review of market updates and innovations.

More types of gas detectors:
How to choose the right SO2 gas detector?

1.Portable SO2 Gas Detectors

Portable SO2 detector, waterproof, dustproof, accurate detection data, sound and light alarm, long service life. The portable SO2 detector can be used in indoor air detection, gas leakage, pharmaceutical factories and other scenes.


Determination parameters: sulfur dioxide
Name: Portable sulfur dioxide detector
Model: JXBS – 4001 – GAS – SO2
Measurement range: 0-50ppm
Power supply: lithium battery
Display: color screen
Size: 125 * 65 * 45 mm
Display error: ≤±3%F.S
Response time: T90<30 seconds
Linearity: ≤±2
Repeatability: ≤±2
Recovery time: ≤30 seconds

2.Sulfur Dioxide Gas Sensors

Fixed gas detector, stable performance, sensitive and reliable. With high-precision liquid crystal display, explosion-proof housing, diffusion type or pump suction type. The Formaldehyde detector has the characteristics of flexible use and simple operation. The SO2 Gas detector is used in various gas leakage places, such as: city gas, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, steel, special industrial plants and other fields. The explosion-proof level of the SO2 Gas detector is CT6.

Explosion-proof 1

Determination parameters: sulfur dioxide
Product name: explosion-proof sulfur dioxide 2000ppm digital display with flow pool
Model: JXBS – 4001 – SO2 – RS
Communication mode: RS485
Power supply: 12-24V power supply
Measurement range: 0-2000ppm
Measurement principle: electrochemistry
Measurement range: 0-2000ppm
Measurement method: electrochemical sensor
Baud rate: 2400/4800/9600
Measurement accuracy: 3%F.s
Response time: (T90, seconds) : less than 15
Power consumption: ≤1W (@12V DC,25℃)





3.NDIR Modules Detect SO2 Gas

SO2 gas sensor module adopts non dispersive infrared technology, which has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high resolution, oxygen free dependence, stable signal, accurate measurement, low power consumption and long service life. SO2 gas sensor module has diffusion type and pump type, which can be selected according to the demand.

Determination parameters: sulfur dioxide
Product name: RS485 infrared sulfur dioxide 0-1W (with air column)
Model: JXBS – 3001
Communication mode: RS485
Power supply: 9-24V power supply
Measurement range: 0-1wppm
Measurement principle: NDIR
SO2 measurement range: 0-1wppm
Measurement accuracy: ±5%F.S(25℃)
Response time: < 30S (diffusible 25℃), < 15S (pump suction 25℃)
Average power consumption: <60mA

4.SO2 gas sensor- sulfur dioxide sensor module

The SO2 gas sensor module, strong anti-interference ability, high sensitivity, high resolution, small size, easy to install, no secondary calibration, support secondary development.The SO2 gas sensor module is widely used in the production and installation of portable and fixed gas detectors. And various gas detection occasions and equipment.

Determination parameters: sulfur dioxide
Product name: [module] RS485 sulfur dioxide 20ppm
Name: Sulfur dioxide sensor module JXM-SO2
Model: a JMX – SO2
Communication mode: RS485
Power supply: 5V power supply
Measurement principle: electrochemistry
SO2 Measurement range: 0-20 PPM (default)/0-2000 PPM (optional)
Resolution: 0.01 PPM
Accuracy: ≤ ±3% of reading (25℃)
Response time: generally less than 15 seconds
Power supply: 5V±2%
Power consumption: 0.2 W or less