Carbon Monoxide Sensor for Tobacco Combustion Monitoring

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Smoke contains a lot of carbon monoxide. The binding capacity of carbon monoxide to hemoglobin is 240 to 300 times greater than that of oxygen. When inhaled, it binds to hemoglobin, severely impairing the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells. Therefore, smoking accelerates blood coagulation, which can easily lead to cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction, stroke, and myocardial hypoxia. In order to reduce air pollution caused by tobacco burning, carbon monoxide sensors can be used to monitor carbon monoxide levels in the air environment of smoking rooms.

The harm of smoking to the human body

Smoking is harmful to health, and long-term smoking can easily lead to lung disease. Studies have found that most lung diseases are related to smoking. Millions of people die from lung cancer every year, and the incidence of lung cancer ranks first in the incidence of malignant tumors in many countries, including China.

Tobacco contains many harmful substances, such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, tar and so on. These harmful substances are harmful to the trachea, mouth, and lungs. If tar deposits on the villi of the lungs, it destroys the function of the villi and can lead to lung disease. Smoking reduces the oxygen content of the blood in the brain, which hinders the blood circulation of the brain to a certain extent. Causes bleeding and occlusion of blood vessels in the brain, resulting in paralysis, stroke and other diseases. In general, smokers are twice as likely to suffer a stroke than non-smokers.
In short, smoking is harmful to other organs of the body, such as the liver, reproductive system, especially second-hand smoke, which is more harmful to those around you.

The harm of smoking to the environment:

In addition, the harm of smoking to the environment cannot be underestimated. Cigarette butts from smoking are non-degradable waste. It will not only corrode the surrounding land, but also greatly reduce the ability of the land to retain water and fertilizer. It will also deteriorate the water quality and bring inconvenience to the utilization of water resources. As tobacco is grown and processed, more soil will compact. More trees will be felled, which will cause severe soil erosion.

Cigarette smoke is a significant source of indoor pollutants. The composition of smoke is complex. More than 3000 chemicals have been identified, many of which are carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic. They exist in the air in the state of gas and aerosol, among which gaseous substances account for more than 90%, and gaseous pollutants include CO, NO2, alkanes, olefins, etc.

Multi gas detector
Multi gas detector
Carbon Monoxide Sensor for Tobacco Combustion Monitoring:

Jingxun carbon monoxide sensor alarm adopts imported first-line chemical sensors of major brands. Quick and sensitive response, strong anti-interference ability. Long life, high precision, high repeatability, high stability.

Portable multi-gas detector, the body adopts ABS shell, feels comfortable, light and portable. Support one-key export/quick and convenient, you can enter the menu to view, and browse/delete records. Rechargeable lithium battery, support mobile power. Large battery capacity and long standby time. Adopt IPS color screen interface, 320*240 resolution, intuitive display. When the detected gas exceeds the set gas value, the sensor turns on the light alarm, and the high-decibel buzzer emits a beeping sound. The instrument is reminded in time with a red mark, and the safety is high.