Application of Oxygen Sensor in Power Distribution Room

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Electricity resource is a very important energy in today's era. Electricity plays a very important role in maintaining people's normal life and ensuring the effective development of production. It can be said that today's society is completely inseparable from power resources, let alone electrical systems. Without electrical systems, society cannot function properly. It can be seen that it is very important for the transmission of power resources and the monitoring and protection of the power distribution room environment. Therefore, for people's safety, it is very important to use oxygen sensors in the power distribution room.

Multi gas detector
Multi gas detector
Application of Oxygen Sensor in Power Distribution Room:

How to ensure the safe transmission of power resources and the safety of the power distribution room environment. In addition to fully and accurately understanding the operating status of the power supply and distribution electrical system. It is also necessary to provide the necessary monitoring and protection through a complete monitoring system. to ensure the change and safety of its environment.

Electrician operators need to know whether the concentration of oxygen and sulfur hexafluoride gas in the room is normal when entering or working in the distribution room. can enter. Therefore, an oxygen sensor and a sulfur hexafluoride gas sensor should be installed in the power distribution room to detect its concentration in real time. Electric facilities, especially power distribution rooms. Changes in temperature and humidity are particularly important for the safety of power distribution rooms. Therefore, it is necessary to install temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the environment in real time.

The multi gas detector supports the detection of combustible gases, toxic and harmful gases. The multi gas detector can monitor 4 toxic combustible gases at the same time, and supports free customization of gas detection parameters 4 and 1, 2 and 1, 3 and 1.Multi gas detector, waterproof, dustproof, accurate detection data, sound and light alarm, long service life. The Multi gas detector can be used in gas leakage, pharmaceutical factories and other scenes.