What is an explosion-proof Freon sensor

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At present, the use of air conditioners and other refrigeration systems has become more and more popular. As the refrigeration technology becomes more and more mature, the air conditioner has a variety of selective refrigeration methods and refrigerants. However, the most common and widely used air-conditioning market is vapor compression refrigeration. This cooling method has a strong cooling effect and is very popular. But it is worth noting that the vapor compression refrigerant is prone to high pressure during use. This can easily lead to leakage of refrigeration equipment pipelines. Therefore, the safety during use has become the focus of attention. We can use explosion-proof Freon sensors for monitoring.

explosion-proof Freon sensors
explosion-proof Freon sensors
The role of explosion-proof Freon sensors:

Refrigerant leakage is a failure phenomenon of air conditioning refrigeration systems and units. The leakage of refrigerant will bring a series of adverse effects to the normal operation of refrigeration equipment. It brings a lot of inconvenience to operation and maintenance. If it leaks into the unit, the performance of the unit will deteriorate and the cooling capacity will decrease. External leakage will pollute the air environment. Endangering personal safety and affecting the performance of the unit.

The explosion-proof Freon sensor adopts point-to-point detection to accurately detect the location of the leak point. The flexible probe can be lengthened, the serpentine tube can be bent, and the detection is more convenient. The digital tube backlight display can still read clearly in low light conditions. When the detector is used to detect combustible gas, it can detect various organic liquid vapors. This includes, but is not limited to: LPG, natural gas, coal gas, toluene, coal gas, methane, methane, hydrogen, acetone, gasoline, ethanol, oxides, sulfides, alcohols, etc.

Combustible gas / Freon leak detector detects combustible gas by natural diffusion, with high precision and repeatability. The shell of combustible gas / Freon leak detector is made of high-strength engineering plastic and anti-skid design, so it is easy to use and maintain. Freon leak detector uses Japanese Figaro gas sensor, which greatly meets the requirements of safety detection on industrial site for equipment accuracy and stability