Why use a carbon monoxide alarm?

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Carbon monoxide gas alarms can effectively detect the concentration of flammable and toxic gases. It can prevent the concentration of flammable and toxic gases from exceeding the standard after gas leakage. Carbon monoxide gas alarm is composed of gas alarm controller and gas detector. The controller can be placed in the duty room and mainly controls each monitoring point. Combustible and toxic gas detectors are installed in the places where the gas is most likely to leak. The core component of the gas detector is the built-in gas sensor. The combustible gas sensor detects the concentration of combustible gas in the air.

Indoor CO detector alarm
Indoor CO detector alarm
Application of carbon monoxide gas alarm

Carbon monoxide gas alarm adopts imported sensor, combined with advanced sensor digital processing system. High measurement accuracy and good stability. Anti-poisoning, strong anti-interference ability.The carbon monoxide alarm is converted into an electrical signal by sensing the concentration of carbon monoxide gas in the air through a carbon monoxide sensor. The magnitude of the electrical signal is related to the concentration of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide alarms are classified according to the sensor used. Generally divided into semiconductor carbon monoxide alarms, electrochemical carbon monoxide alarms, infrared carbon monoxide detectors, etc.

Carbon monoxide alarms can be installed near bedrooms and living areas or where carbon monoxide may leak. The height of the device should generally be 160-170cm, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to carry out routine maintenance. Locations that cannot be installed are: garage, kitchen, or furnace room. A place where the temperature is below 4°C or above 38°C; a very dirty, dusty or greasy place.

The CO alarm adopts imported first-line major brand chemical sensors, which have the characteristics of rapid and sensitive response, strong anti-interference ability, long life, high precision, high repeatability and high stability. The carbon monoxide alarm detector is suitable for detecting confined living places: The concentration of carbon monoxide in agricultural greenhouses, production workshops, indoor barbecues, agricultural breeding and other environments.