Where are methane gas alarms used?

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Methane gas alarm is an instrument used to detect the concentration of methane in the air. Can be used for methane leakage alarm under working conditions. When the leakage of methane gas exceeds the alarm value, an audible and visual alarm will be triggered. Methane concentration meters monitor operating conditions and the environment. An essential part of safety and security.

Methane gas alarm
Methane gas alarm
Introduction to the role of methane gas alarm

Methane detectors are mainly used for methane gas use, storage, possible leak points (channel connections), etc. The security inspection department uses a portable methane concentration meter to conduct inspections. The online methane concentration measuring instrument can continuously detect the methane gas concentration in the environment online. It can rely on the Internet of Things system for monitoring and data transmission records. Provides great convenience for gas leakage monitoring in working conditions.

The ambient methane concentration should be clearly understood, and then a methane concentration measuring instrument with a suitable range should be selected. When the measured concentration range exceeds the measurement range of the instrument itself, the measurement data will be inaccurate. At the same time, it will cause damage to the equipment and affect the service life of the equipment.In order to ensure the accuracy of the detection data, it is necessary to prevent the interference of other gases. The presence of other high-concentration gases can cause inaccurate measurement of methane concentration data. The measurement data is unstable and can also cause damage to the gas sensor.

The main equipment of CH4 gas alarm control system includes CH4 gas alarm controller and CH4 gas detector. By combining them, the function of CH4 gas monitoring and automatic alarm can be realized, and the production can be guaranteed.