What are the conveniences brought by the VOC monitoring system?

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People's lives and the past have undergone earth-shaking changes, which is inseparable from the rapid development of our country's economy. However, with the improvement of production and life, the environmental pollution is also increasing day by day. The way of environmental pollution and ecological damage is getting worse day by day. Seriously destroy the environment on which human beings live. Environmental problems affecting people's daily life and health, especially in and around industrial areas, are most prominent. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the plan put forward the suggestion of "taking the improvement of environmental quality as the core". Build a national environmental monitoring network with environmental monitoring as the main body. With the gradual enhancement of people's safety awareness and public environmental awareness, various pollution problems are still serious. There is also an urgent need to improve environmental monitoring. Factories need to purify and monitor VOC emissions by themselves to achieve pollution-free and green production. It can be monitored using a VOC monitoring system.

VOC monitoring system
VOC monitoring system
Monitoring using a VOC monitoring system

The construction goal of the VOC online monitoring, early warning and forecast system scheme is to use a variety of gas detection instruments. Exhaust gas can be monitored in real time. It integrates modernization, digitization, informatization, electrification and automation. The system not only has the function of monitoring the current gas concentration. The system also has the functions of early warning, forecast and emergency when the concentration of smoke gas and harmful gas exceeds the standard. The whole system realizes the integration of monitoring, monitoring, early warning, forecasting and emergency response of VOC gas. All-round guarantee of zero emission of polluting gases. Use the level of informatization to comprehensively promote the monitoring of harmful gases in the factory area. Monitor business and emergency response levels. Comprehensively improve the safety production and the ability to handle emergencies in the factory.

The flue VOCs online monitoring system realizes online continuous monitoring of volatile organic compounds in the flue. It uses PID sensors and low-power processors, and uses LCD touch screen display. The measurement data is stable, and the measured temperature and humidity are displayed in real time. The VOCs online monitoring equipment is suitable for high temperatures. , High dust, high oil and gas, rapid dewatering and other occasions, can realize online long-term monitoring of atmospheric pollutants such as alkanes, esters, alcohols, benzene series, etc.