The role of nitrogen oxide monitoring equipment

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After the start of environmental protection, boilers, power plants, thermal power plants, cement plants, brick and tile, ceramics, chemicals, steel and other sewage industries are required to install flue gas online monitoring systems. Monitor the data of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and other pollutants inside. So why monitor NOx? Nitrogen oxides are harmful to our body. NO can paralyze people and cause NO2 to cause and destroy the function of people's heart, lung, liver and hematopoietic tissue. Monitoring can be done using nitrogen oxide monitoring equipment.

NOx monitor
NOx monitor
Introduction to the role of nitrogen oxide monitoring equipment

Nitrogen oxides are destructive to crops, forests, buildings, etc. NOx, like SO2, will fall to the ground in the atmosphere through dry deposition and wet deposition. The final destination is nitrate or nitric acid. In the continuous monitoring system of flue gas emission, the hazard of nitric acid rain is stronger than that of sulfuric acid rain. Because it is acidifying the water body and leaching and depleting the soil. Also burn damage to crops and forests. Corrosion damage to buildings and cultural relics is not inferior to sulfuric acid rain.

The nitrogen oxide monitor adopts the pump suction sampling mode, which can directly extract air from the atmosphere. The gas entering into the instrument successively passes through the gas treatment circuit such as the steam trap, and finally enters the nitrogen and oxygen gas analyzer. Through advanced detection technology, the nitrogen and oxygen concentration in the gas can be measured. The NOx on-line monitoring system is suitable for gas detection and analysis in the situation of low dust, high temperature and high humidity.